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I'm an Emergency Nurse

I'm originally from North Carolina, who considers herself a"Jill of all trades". It took me almost thirty years to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up and even now, it's still evolving. Nursing is a wonderful profession. They have amazing super powers that can help heal people. I have found that farming has healing powers too. I've always enjoyed being outdoors. However,

if someone would have told me ten years ago I'd be an emergency nurse and living on a farm with 5 rescue dogs and 4 cats, along with a menagerie of farm animals, I would have laughed at them, thinking "yeah right."


 Bee keeping makes me weirdly happy. I'm not sure why. Maybe because bees are ancient and mysterious. Maybe because it's dangerous and challenging. Maybe because in the past, it has been a male dominated profession and I like the idea of more women getting into bees. I seem to get this really good feeling when I open up a hive and see their beautiful comb, capped honey, and hear their buzzing. Whatever it is, I love it!

The animals are my other joy. The Muscovy ducks have the funniest waddle and they make the coolest sound when they flap their giant wings. Our chickens are super happy and they follow us around the yard eagerly waiting to be given food scraps before foraging for bugs. The cows have absolutely stolen my heart. They moo at us every morning when we walk outside and whenever we come home from work. I could spend hours taking pictures and hanging out with our cows. All of our animals are happy and healthy and I find so much pleasure in caring for every single one of them. I am so proud of the harmonious little farm we have created.


I love food...everything about it. My grandfather was a chef at an old Detroit steak and seafood restaurant (Hucks) and the time we spent together usually had something to do with cooking. I would stay the weekends with him and learn his secrets of making soup stocks, bases and sauces. At first, only a pastime, my desire to cook and my understanding of how food can so easily bring different people together both grew as I aged. 

Fast forward to moving to Marshall MI. Quite the eclectic mix of people and personalities who share an appreciation for what a smaller town has to offer while at the same time seem curious and open to trying new things. Perfect! Our farm has allowed us to expand the senses of our friends. We are now able to raise such a wide variety of deliciousness without chemicals, hormones, or pesticides. It has also opened opportunities to grow our tastes, try new varieties and experiment with different flavors. 

Having the ability to share our appreciation of all things food with others is something I will always be thankful for. It makes people and their stomachs happy!



Thimbleweed Farm was created to build a sustainable way of living, working in harmony with the Earth. We are grounded in environmentally conscious practices, understanding the importance of partnering with nature. We offer farm fresh eggs, honey, seasonal veggies, fruits, flowers, and home baked goods. We are dedicated to providing superior and nourishing foods, and will always find purpose in connecting and sharing with our community.

Looking forward to serving you!




Thimbleweed Farm is a wide open space that allows all of our animals to enjoy free reign and endless adventure. We are home to 9 Dexter Cows, 2 Horses, 46 Momma Chickens, 11 Muscovy Ducks, 7 Dogs, 4 Cats, and 20 Bee hives. 

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